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Your Own Learning Pod

We connect your child’s Learning Pod with the best suited teachers to further each student’s understanding of the topics. Our teachers offer help with home assignments on different subject matters, explain ideas and concepts to resolve confusion and make sure everyone is on track. You can bring more people in your Learning Pod and split the costs accordingly.

Hours spent with the teacher can be spread across the day. Teachers set up a study plan for the day in the morning and tune in when needed, during or after school hours, to make sure students understand the studied subjects or help with homework. You decide how your Learning Pod hours are spread and what times benefit your child the most

How Does our Learning Pod Work?

You Choose Your Pod-mates

You can ask colleagues, friends of your child or even relatives, who have the same study goals as them, if they want to join your Learning Pod. We make sure they understand how it works and where to sign up. We recommend choosing those close to your child’s stage of learning.

We Find the Best Teachers

Experienced teachers for an array of subjects for K-8 grades are ready to help with studying and home assignments. We hand pick them to ensure they match the requirements of your child’s pod.

Teachers Create Study Schedule

Teachers plan a schedule both for optimal pod-hours distribution, subject matter covered and learning objectives. All based on the pod’s common school timetable, study subjects and goals.

Keep on Track in School From Home

We make sure to provide efficient, customized education for your child and their pod-mates, following the study schedule. Everything from home, at their optimal learning pace.

Virtual Learning Pods

5 Students


10 hours


15 hours - Discount 5%


20 hours - Discount 10%


25 hours - Discount 15%

$255/student (Best Deal!)

8 Students

10 hours


15 hours - Discount 5%


20 hours - Discount 10%


25 hours - Discount 15%


12 Students

10 hours


15 hours - Discount 5%


20 hours - Discount 10%


25 hours - Discount 15%


Why Join a Learning Pod?

Flexibility for All Services

Our biggest plus is flexibility in what we offer. Weekly schedule, hours purchased – everything is personalized for you. Contact our team, tell us what your child needs and we make sure to advise and create the best alternative.

Optimal Learning

Your child’s Learning Pod is matched based on level of knowledge and specific needs. It provides complementary learning to online school. We keep the maximum number of students at 10 per learning pod, to ensure each and every child gets enough attention and individual time with the teacher.

Easy and Interactive

The social aspect of learning is kept through proper online communication tools. We choose those tools that provide different means of displaying study material and engaging students while learning. Everything accessible from at home.

Keep in Touch with Schoolmates

Your child can keep in contact with classmates and keep on track in school. You can choose colleagues, friends or relatives your child shares a knowledge level with, and we make sure they will get the best out of online education. 

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