Group Virtual Tutoring in Math & English

Because your child learns better with classmates.

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Class is Better with Classmates

We know interaction and collaboration with peers pushes students to do better and have more fun. In these difficult times, the social bonds students form are more important than ever. With a hand picked tutor to coordinate learning subjects and pace, your child advances their academic level while keeping in touch with his classmates or friends. This is the best option to make sure the learning experience is adapted to your child and they get the best out of an interactive environment.

How Does It Work?

You Build Your Group

You build your own group with friends or classmates. Because we care a lot about personalized education and enough individual time, we decided to keep group sizes between 2 and a maximum of 10 students.

We Find the Teacher

After meeting your child and his colleagues, we find the best tutor to support them in the learning process. Qualified tutors, who love teaching, show students how group virtual tutoring can be useful and exciting.

Draft Common Study Plan

Based on the assessment, we draft a personalized study plan meant to help all students achieve their learning objectives. An optimal plan is created when students start out at around the same level.

Implement Study Plan

The only thing left is for them to begin a great social learning experience. Tutors make sure they follow all the steps in the plan and guide them to collaborate towards common study goals.

(Students: Min. 2 - Max. 5) Math and English

Virtual Group Tuition

Intro Package

10 Hours


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Sale Price $250.00

Hourly Rate $25.00

Standard Package

20 Hours


Discount $50.00

Sale Price $450.00

Hourly Rate $22.50

Expert Package

30 Hours


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Sale Price $650.00

Hourly Rate $21.67

Elite Package

40 Hours



Discount $200.00

Sale Price $800.00

Hourly Rate $20.00

Why Choose Group Virtual Tutoring?


We make it our goal to be flexible in terms of schedule, number of hours and group sizes. Everything to answer your particular needs. We want to keep our groups small between 2 and 10 students to ensure the best education. We spread your purchased tutoring hours as you and your group sees fit, throughout the whole week – or even weekends.

Efficient Way to Keep on Track in School

Being paired with others at the same level brings out the best in each student. Our tutor makes sure to coordinate the topic and stimulate learning and interaction. Students get to work along with colleagues and challenge each other to help with knowledge build up and problem solving.

Students Build Collaboration Skills

The social aspect of education is also addressed through this service. Students share learning objectives and stimulate each other through interaction. Tell us how big a group you want your child to be part of (between 2 and 10) and we find a way to answer your request.

We Make it Fun and Easy

We use friendly interactive learning tools to keep students focused and create a collaborative mood. Group assignments and interaction on virtual platforms are the new way to create the atmosphere of a classroom, with the added benefits of a more compatible group.Everything easy, from home.

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