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Your child can perform better in these two fundamental subject matters.

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In these uncertain times, your student needs more support and guidance than ever. CyberTeck Academy is here to ensure your learner can work with the perfect tutor whenever they need, wherever they are. Virtual tutoring is the best, most convenient, and easiest way to provide outstanding educational guidance to each and every student, and CyberTeck Academy is proud to provide best-in-class virtual education with our highly qualified, expert tutors.

How Does It Work?

Initial Assessment

We discuss your student's needs, assess their level of knowledge, identify where they have difficulties and what their study goals are.

Tutor Match

We match your student with one of our qualified teachers based on their needs and schedule The perfect tutor is chosen based on the initial assessment of the student.

Draft Study Plan

The study plan is built around your child’s needs and approached at a pace adapted to them. We make sure they stick to the plan and remember their goals.

Implement Learning Plan

Time to start learning and putting the plan into action. Having the undivided attention of the teacher, students get an optimized and fast way to achieve their study targets.

(1 on 1 tution) Math and English

Virtual Private Tuition

Intro Package

10 Hours


Discount $25.00

Sale Price $525.00

Hourly Rate $55.00

Standard Package

20 Hours


Discount $50.00

Sale Price $950.00

Hourly Rate $47.50

Expert Package

30 Hours


Discount $100.00

Sale Price $1250.00

Hourly Rate $41.67

Elite Package


40 Hours



Discount $200.00

Sale Price $1400.00

Hourly Rate $35.00

Why Choose 1-on-1 Virtual Tutoring?

Fastest Track to Academic Success

Students get the most efficient way of acquiring knowledge and solving specific individual difficulties on the subject by having the whole attention of their tutor.

Students Build Knowledge and Confidence

1-on-1 time with the teacher is essential in finding the optimal learning pace and also brings something extra. Confidence is built along with knowledge, as students feel they get better and receive the clarifications they need, through tools that work for them.

Flexibility in Scheduling

You can tell us what times are good for your child, and we make sure to find the best solutions. You can choose how you spread the purchased tutoring hours. Based on your commitment, we are flexible in scheduling during the whole week, including week-ends.

Easy and Accessible Learning Process

Using friendly interactive learning tools, our tutors will keep students engaged and focused in acquiring information and solving problems. Everything is easy, clearly explained and from the comfort of your home.

The Best Tutor For Your Needs

We put great care in selecting our educators. We work with qualified, experienced tutors, that know exactly how to adapt to specific needs and levels. Your child is sure to have the quickest pace of learning and understanding of the subject matter when he’s getting individual time and the whole dedication of the teacher.

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