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Virtual Tutoring Program

We believe your children should get the most out of their education even in these new circumstances. We offer the best available products in virtual tutoring. 

Our experienced staff is equipped to understand the curriculum requirements and learning style of each child and find the best tutor to match his academic needs and goals.

Our Virtual Tutoring Services

Our services are structured in three different categories, to accommodate what parents have expressed as useful

1-on-1 Virtual Tutoring in Math & English

The advantage of having your own personal tutor is that your child is getting undivided attention, personalized explanations and follows a rhythm that is optimal to his learning experience.

Group Virtual Tutoring in Math & English

Being part of a group teaches interaction and collaboration. We ensure a rewarding and interactive environment, allowing your children to gain knowledge at the right pace.

Virtual Learning Pods

Home assignments can be daunting and time consuming, but their role is to cement the information delivered in class. Homework can become an engaging and interesting experience.

Why Choose One of Our Tutoring Programs?

At parents’ suggestions, our tutoring targets Math and English to improve fundamental student knowledge and our Learning Pods provide homework guidance for all subjects covered in K-8 grades. You can rest assured we go the extra mile to cater to your specific needs. We make it a priority to be more flexible in terms of scheduling, costs and available days during the week and weekends.

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