About Us

Cyberteck Academy Inc.

Unlock Your Child’s Hidden Abilities and Unleash their Creativity with Interactive Computer Design and Programming Classes

Your children are growing and along with them the whole world is changing. Technology has become one of the lead aspects of this competitive world and we want your young ones to be prepared to handle everything about it. That is why Cyberteck Academy has chosen a series of fundamental computer courses to equip them with the essential tools they need for an IT-filled future.

Our fun and interactive computer courses give children in grades K-8 an opportunity to take part in out-of-this-world gaming expeditions, all while understanding and experiencing how technology works.


What we offer:

Build your future with our IT Certifications preparatory courses. For Youth and Adults, this is the opportunity to take advantage of qualified, dedicated instructors who can help you take that next step in your career. Cyberteck Academy offers targeted courses that cover most sought-after IT knowledge and skills needed in today’s digital professional world.

Our Computer Courses for Kids develop their practical abilities in a fun way while exploring the fascinating world of gaming. For those who might one day be the next tech savvy entrepreneur, our courses in 3D game design, robotics or computer programming will set them on this path. In the process of bringing their ideas to life, kids learn to collaborate and achieve their objectives.

Tutoring has become one of the top requirements in today’s education scene. We want our kids to be engaged, to get the best out of their education. Considering the changing nature of education, both from the perspectives of curricula and of the teaching medium, Cyberteck Academy has set out to offer you the best in this targeted service. You can rest assured your child will be in the best of hands, being encouraged to learn or virtually tutored in online class, with home assignments or with a specific subject in school.

Why Cyberteck Academy?

We put a lot of consideration into creating an optimal selection of courses and learning options for adults, youth and children. 

We believe in continuous education and self improvement and are here to help people achieve their best in learning. Our courses focus on technology and science, but also cover other important subjects in education. 

Keeping an eye on the future, we adapt our courses and teaching tools to best serve the professionals of tomorrow and the young generation in building their future.

Why we believe our programs to be the best

Focus on Each Student

We pay attention to our students and approach them by first identifying their level of knowledge and areas with difficulties. We adapt our teaching style and pace to fit each individual need. This way, we can make sure that all our students achieve their educational targets, be it in school or in the form of an IT Certification.

Quality instructors

At Cyberteck Academy we hand select our tutors and instructors, we prioritize quality and dedication. Building on their knowledge with additional training courses, they are sure to offer the best learning experience, often combined with fun for those younger students.

Creative Projects for Applied Knowledge

We believe the best way to learn is by applying knowledge. Therefore, we use projects in courses like Science, Technology, Engineering and Art that allow students to implement the studied concepts.

Digital Projects for Developing Computer Skills

For the younger students we bring play into action. We allow them to implement their own ideas, while they develop impressive computer skills. After courses, students get to have their own video game, 3D animations, robots which they can share and be proud of.